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Wall Art DIY – Guide To Getting Started

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Wall Art DIY Getting Started

Art walls and gallery walls are a great way to bring your home decor to life. If you’ve read my post on gallery wall inspiration, you’ll know that Instagram is a great place to start getting some ideas for your own wall of artwork. However, if you’re anything like me, you might find some of it a bit overwhelming and not know where to start. So to help everyone feel confident about their wall art projects, I’ve created this Wall Art DIY section to give some easy to follow tips on how to create your own gallery wall at home, without any of the Instagram pressure.

There are lots of things to consider when starting a wall art DIY project, so I’m going to try and cover all the bases in a simple and straightforward manner that makes it achievable for everyone.

But DIY Isn’t Really My Thing…

That’s ok, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! When I’m talking about wall art DIY, I’m not necessarily talking about hammers, nails and stepladders. Although there’ll be practical tips, it’s important to look at the visual aspects of creating your own art wall.

Not all prints flow well together visually, so you’ll be able to use this section to get ideas on prints that complement each other aesthetically, as well as the logistics of hanging them.

Things You’ll Need To DIY Your Wall Art

Picture hanging tools aside, you’ll need an open mind and an idea of your preferred colour schemes. As mentioned, not all styles complement one another, but equally not all prints will complement your existing decor. For a starting point, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What style of art do I like most?
  • What rooms do I think will work best with a gallery wall?
  • Do I have wallpaper or painted walls at home?
  • Will my chosen prints clash with the wall background?
  • What sizes do I want my wall art prints to be? Varied or all the same size?
  • Can I live with doing this one print at a time or do I want to buy in bulk?

Sources Of DIY Wall Art Inspiration

Obviously, Instagram is a great place for ideas, but don’t get sucked into the idea of perfection that it presents. There are lots of ways you can create a gallery wall without having to make it filter-worthy. Something else to consider is uniqueness. I’m a firm believer in curating an art wall that really reflects your personality and tastes.

Make sure you take time to research the kind of art prints you find visually attractive and choose those for your own home.

Pinterest is another source of ideas, but again, proceed with caution! Above all else your home decor is your home decor, no one else’s!

Ideas For Your Art Wall

Check back here regularly for visual updates on how to do Wall Art DIY style – I’ll be posting lots of pictures that could help you with your own planning and layouts.

Wall Art DIY Africa Trio

Do you have a gallery wall or plans to start a wall art DIY project of your own? Get in touch over on Twitter or Facebook and you can check out some of my ideas fro gallery wall inspiration over on Pinterest if you’re ready to get researching now!