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Post-Hack Blog Cleanup Service


If you’ve been the victim of hacking and your website is struggling with spam attacks, I can help you get things back to normal with my post-hack blog cleanup service.

Service includes:

Consultation chat to discover your individual needs and concerns

Full Blog or Website scanning, cleaning and restoration/reinstallation as far as possible (Wordpress)

Any final adjustments needed upon preview

Support with advanced features such as security, backups, plugins and other essential elements of the site

Please note – any ‘paid’ themes or plugins chosen in any redesign consultation will be added to the final cost of this service.

Also please be aware that the final price of this service may increase depending on the level of severity of the hack, and the level of cleanup required, but this will be brought to your attention and discussed with you at the earliest opportunity.


Please note: price shown here is the minimum 50% deposit price required to hire my services and is subject to change depending on the nature of the project – contact me for further details and to discuss your requirements.  All Rosarts design services are subject to the Design Policy – please ensure you read and agree to this.

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If you’ve been the victim of blog or website hacking, I can help you get things back to normal with my post-hack blog cleanup service. For more information on this service, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you!


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