About Rosarts

Look, a real person…

Hi! I’m Ar, and this is my art shop. I’m the artist and illustrator behind the scenes and creator of all the things you can buy here.

That’s Claude. He helps out. Together we believe that everyone deserves to own art and design with character.

Our Philosophy

Say no to boring walls! Your artwork is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for, so make sure it’s packed with originality. We believe in creating pictures that are more than just pretty. We love art that tells a story. Always have, always will.

The bit where we tell you

what we do…

Claude and I have been busy holding things down at Rosarts since 2015. Well, I have. Claude didn’t join the action until 2016, but in fairness, he was homeless at that point and had bigger fish to fry. Anyway, we work hard to create original prints, cards and gifts that have personality, because that’s what our customers are all about.


Founder – Art and Design


Creative Support

Through Rosarts we mainly focus on our art prints and design services, but here are three buttons that you can use to take you to some of our other projects. Take your pick!

Social Stuff


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We strive for excellence. All work is hand designed and professionally finished.


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